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Sunday Evening (if you can call 3:30am evening)

Very much of an up and down day today. Got up and around after updating my LiveJournal, and grabbed lunch at 3 in the afternoon. Started packing up stuff, and my brother Will came over to help. We worked on the living room for several hours, taking down one of the metal bookracks and sorting through all the crap on the table, the floor, and everywhere else in between. Took a load over to the new place this evening, including another PC, more multimedia gear, and Nugget and Velvet's ashes, which I will always keep at whatever place I live. There's still a ton of crap to move, and I seriously doubt we're going to be able to be out here on the weekend of the 16th. I'm already expecting that things will slip a week...

After we unloaded we headed to the Winchester Theater in San Jose and I finally got to see Episode II... only had to wait nearly a month (I think). The movie was lots of fun, probably the most dramatic and action-packed of the Star Wars movies I've seen to date; and watching Yoda do those fight scenes with the reverse backflips and ninjitsu moves just rocked!
Lots of fun, and made you think about how things play out in Episiode III and IV; I'm going to have to go see it again just to look at all the details that I missed the first time.

I got to see my first Digital Projector, and I still don't know what I think about it... when they're running things like the THX logo or any sort of lettering, you can still see the pixelation of straight lines and letters on the screen. For example, when they're doing the classic "Star Wars Intro" where the story scrolls up into the sky, you can see the jaggies on the letters even then. You didn't really notice though while the movie was playing, which was I guess the impotant thing. But still, imaging in a relatively small imager and projecting on a huge-assed screen like they had is goijng to have that happen. I still think they should have a vast array of LEDs or something on the surface of the movie screen that light up and turn off, but the technology isn't far along enough to do that; It would cost millions just for one movie screen, wouldn't it..

Anyway, it's nearly 4 AM and I have to work tomorrow! Joy... after spending the entire weekend packing and moving hopefully work won't be as hard as home life, I get to sit in a chair and bang on the keyboard for most of the day, instead of packing and hauling crap.
You know there's something really hosed about your home life when you escape to work to get away from it...

I even missed the 2nd weekend of Valhalla to move crap... although I got to go to the first weekend, at least. And one of these days I'll get to see Spiderman. Hey Huggy Barrel!
If I come out to your theater do you get to watch it, or do you have to be in the projectionists' booth and etc.?
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