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FIRE the Doofus and his cronies

If you take your car to a mechanic, and they remove your engine, saw the car in half, and leave you a pile of scrap, you don't take your next car to them again. Even if you don't legal action against them for damages, they are, effectively, fired, as far as you're concerned.

If your kids' school bus driver drives drunk, hits some cars and takes out a few little old ladies on the way to school, the bus driver should be fired. (and busted for DUI).

If the man you either trusted or gave the benefit of the doubt to run the country screwed up for the last
four years in every aspect, selling out the government and the public good to his corporate cronies and friends, angering our allies and polarizing our country into the most bitterly divided populace since the Civil War, you fire him. And so... here we go...

For compromising our medical privacy, threatening to fire Medicare's chief actuary for telling Congress the real cost of the Medicare prescription drug bill, and for screwing up the flu vaccine right before flu season,
Tommy Thompson (Secretary of Health and Human Services) should be FIRED.

For threatening our civil liberties and unleashing greater dangers to our freedoms than any terrorist could hope for,
John Ashcroft (Attorney General) needs to be FIRED.

For leading us into a quagmire unseen since Vietnam (his other masterpiece), screwing up the peace and angering the world against us, for over a thousand dead American soldiers and for all his previous crimes, Donald Rumsfeld (Secretary of Defense) absolutely needs to be FIRED.

For selling out the FCC to big media companies, allowing media megacorporations to control pretty much everything on the airwaves, for destroying local phone competition by allowing the Baby Bells to charge whatever they want, and for the evil broadcast flag decision, Michael Powell (FCC Chairman) needs to be FIRED.

For going along with the sale of fake WMDs and letting neoconservatives take away any shred of integrity he had,
Colin Powell (Secretary of State) needs to be FIRED. (And he needs the time off anyway to get his dignity back)

For corruption and corporate malfeasance on a scale that makes Enron green with envy, for no-bid contracts to Halliburton and selling out our country to the oil industry, Dick Cheney (played by "Mr. Burns" from the Simpsons) needs to be FIRED. (see also )

And you, dear voters, can accomplish this all today with one simple act.

FIRE George W. Bush. For all the above reasons, and so many more.

Help save the World. Help save our Nation. Vote for John Kerry

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